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download Albert's Mayan Riviera slide show (11 Mb).Albert talks at a resort hotel in the Mayan Riviera about Mexico's oil-and-tourism economy, economic vulnerability, the asteroid, the fisherman, coral reefs and coastal trade routes of the Maya, hurricanes, ethanol and tortillas, the possible extinction of life on Earth, our Achilles Heel of linear thinking, and the spark of hope in an age of despair.
download Albert's Bolinas California slide show (14 Mb).
download Albert's IPC-8 (Brazil) slide show (14 Mb).
download Albert's ICSA-9 (Italy) slide show (12 Mb).
download Albert's ICSA-9 paper on sustainability (88 Kb).
view Albert's Cultivate Culture Night (Dublin) YouTube interviews.
download Albert's Fall 2007 New York slide show (10 Mb).
download Albert's Fall 2007 Philadelphia slide show (9 Mb).
download Albert's interview on KCBR (14 Mb).
NPR's Guy Rathbun asks about the slope of the curve, urban permaculture, petro-product ubiquity, Lovelock's worst case, climate mitigation by massive desert reforestation propelled by coastal desalination run on wind and tidal energy, fireside chats, tortilla wars, permafuels, politicians with toes in the water, rain barrels and root cellars, Cuba, the Classic Inca civil society, food substitutions, and surfer lifestyles..
Listen to Albert and Dmitry Orlov on the C-realm podcast.
download Albert's March 2008 Sweetbriar College show (19 Mb)
download Albert's May 2008 Heartwood climate change show (21 Mb)
download Albert's June 2008 Albuquerque show on ecovillages (16 Mb)
download Albert's June 2008 Grand Rapids show on ecovillages (14 Mb)
download Albert's November 2008 Andalusia AL lo-res PDF on food & climate solutions (4.3Mb)Albert discusses the new goals all farmers must consider when selecting crops: food, fuel, climate change, wildlife, soil, finance. Contrast the Long Ranger solutions like subsidies for corn to the Ninja Turtle solutions of victory gardens, no-till organic, biochar, and local wireless "Smart CSAs."
download Albert's November 2008 Michigan Futures PDF on communitarianism (3.5 Mb)
download Albert's June 2010 interview on the Enlightened Business Radio Show
Listen to Albert and KMO from the Ecovillage Training Center on the ETC podcast.
download Albert's October 2010 New Harmony IN lo-res PDF on Civilization 2.0: tipping elements in habitat redesign (5.5Mb).
download Albert's Dec 10, 2010 Isla Holbox lo-res PDF on Diseño de Ecoaldeas (3.2 Mb)
download Albert's May 6, 2011 Leiper's Fork TN lo-res PDF on Cool Livin' (10.6 Mb)
download Albert's Oct 28, 2011 TN Environmental Summit PDF (36 Mb)
download Albert's April, 2012 APC-11 eCOOLvillage PDF (52 Mb)
download Albert's May 30, 2012 Juneau World Affairs' Energy Security Without Going Broke, Destroying the Climate, or Militarizing the Arctic Ocean PDF (36 Mb)
download Albert's Sept, 2012 Mother Earth News Fair PDF on Biochar (86 Mb)
download Albert's Sept, 2012 Mother Earth News Fair PDF on The Farm at 40 (98 Mb)
download Albert's May, 2013 Feasta PDF on eCOOLnomics (40 Mb)
download Albert's May, 2014 Age of Limits PDF on Biochar (40 Mb)
download Albert's Oct 2014 Mother Earth News Fair PDF on More Biochar Solutions (50 Mb)

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