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A hopeful and humorous look at the next 30 years -- to a world beyond petroleum


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240 pages  7.25 x 9"
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The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook

Recipes for Changing Times

by Albert K. Bates

A world beyond petroleum needn't be a scary proposition --it can be something to relish. As we move from a global culture addicted to cheap, abundant petroleum to a culture of compelled conservation, The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook provides useful, practical advice for preparing your family and community to make the transition.

Taking a positive, upbeat, and optimistic view of "the Great Change", this book offers recipes for these turbulent times that mend the many rifts that oil culture has spawned. Wide-ranging in scope, topics covered include rebuilding civilization, changing your needs, water and waste disposal, energy and transportation, equipment and tools and food storage and first aid.

Also featuring over 100 playful recipes --some using basic, wholesome foods, some illustrating food growing or preservation, and all emphasizing organic, flavorful and locally grown produce -- this book is about having your catastrophe and eating it too.


This book is like a Swiss army knife. Sharp. Simple. Very practical. Extremely useful. Full of survival tools, which you may need in the next five minutes or five years from now. -- Dr. Valentin Yemelin, climate scientist at the United Nations Environment Programme/GRID-Arendal, Norway.

In the Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, Albert Bates demonstrates with great clarity and panache that if you love this planet, you must change your life. -- Dr. Helen Caldicott, pediatrician and author of If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth

This really is the book we've been waiting for -- a practical, optimistic guide to life beyond the peak -- to its ingenious, resourceful and common-sense possibilities as well as to its inevitable challenges.- Rob Hopkins,

As we blithely motor up to the top of Peak Oil, thoughts turn to what lies ahead. To help those who find the plan of driving straight off a cliff disagreeable, there is an experienced Sherpa by the name of Albert Bates, pointing out the best ways to negotiate the downward slope. All the essentials are covered: water, shelter, fuel, food, and, of course, food preparation: I especially recommend his Borscht. -- Dmitry Orlov, Oil Commentator

With luck, we will never need to know how to throw together an expedient fallout shelter, but this book tells how, and what to stock it with. Still, there is no need for delay in starting to deploy the full range of sustainable living choices that Albert Bates offers. These are indeed Recipes for Changing Times -- very tasty food for thought! -- John Pike, Director of, member of the US Council on Foreign Relations

Bates has lived in community for thirty-five years, and the book is packed full of his experience.  Great resources, references, and a good overview of everything from alternative currencies to energy systems. After doing relief work in New Orleans after the hurricanes, I know the importance of preparation — whether for peak oil, natural disasters or human-caused catastrophes, this is the guidebook I'd want to have at my side. -- Starhawk, author of  The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing and The Earth Path


Albert Bates has been Director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology since 1984 and the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee since 1994, where he has taught sustainable design, natural building, permaculture and restoration ecology to students from more than 50 nations.




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