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This website is run on a not-for-profit basis. As in our publications, we are acting on our commitment to the world's forests and the need for massive reforestation and aforestation to avert catastrophic climate change by phasing out our paper supply from forest origin and going to non-tree sources of fiber and 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We also print using vegetable-based, low VOC inks. The electrons being used to transmit and project this page are 100% recycled.

We plant trees as an active expression of responsibility to future generations of life on this planet. Our tree planting exceeds by several orders of magnitude our total carbon emissions from travel, building construction and occupancy, food production, and heating, cooling and appliance use. Contributions to increase our tree planting activity are greatly appreciated and are put to the best possible and most efficient strategies. We are currently aforesting at northern latitudes in Iceland and Scotland and reforesting at equatorial latitudes in the Amazon basin. We would like to extend our reach to southern latitudes in Australia, Argentina, and South Africa. Your support is appreciated.

Contributions made to Global Village Institute are tax-deductible. Information on GVI and all tax filings from previous years are available online at

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